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$80k slut tab?


WTF! Wife looks drugged and Client 9 looks like the prostitute left something behind ;) Allegedly, he requests bare back – YUK!

CDC: At Least 1 in 4 Teenage Girls Has Sexually Transmitted Disease


1 in 4? I think they meant 3 in 4! We’re so f’d.

No Country for Old Fargo Men


This is my first official movie review. I haven’t been to the movies in awhile and just saw “No Country for Old Men”. I was psyched to see this movie. It did win best picture, so I totally expected a great story and thrilling movie. Having thoroughly enjoyed the Cohen brother’s 1997 Best Picture nominated Fargo, I had envisioned this could be the next Pulp Fiction (Best Picture 1995) , especially after all this years’ Oscar hype and those promo clips of Javier Bardem (Penelope Cruz’s current hook up) as the creepy, “heads or tails”, my hair looks absolutely retarded, pressurized cow-weapon killing murderer. The plot twists that could have developed around Javier’s character based on those promos looked promising, damn those well cut promos. I expected Javier’s character to possibly follow in the footsteps of Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecture, Pulp Fiction’s Jules and even possibly, American Pyscho’s Patrick Bateman. Each in their own way truly remarkable and twisted killers. But ugghhh, WHAT a disappointment! All I could think of as the credits rolled was this was the exact same formula used for Fargo, except for a change in climate. Instead of Idaho, it was Texas. Instead of the quiet and quirky good cop Frances McDormand, there was pock marked old Tommy Lee Jones. Instead of Steve Buscemi and the blond guy there was Javier Bardem, BTW did anyone else see Javier’s role as supporting- neither did I! To round out the Fargo similarities William H. Macy’s character was played by wife beating Josh Brolin. Fargo was based on actual events (all characters changed to protect, blah, blah, blah), other than that, No Country is just a redone, regurgitated plot. That cool scene in Fargo with the foot in a wood shredder, is actually someone else’s original idea (stolen by borrowed by the Cohens). And the whole ending with TLJ’s monologue seemed very reminiscent of the final Fargo scene where McDormand is involved in a conversation with her husband about his $.03 stamp. No wonder I rarely pay $12 to see movies in the theater, they really suck these days!

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