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Best Little Whorehouse in DC – the Mayflower


I know I’ve already posted on the Elliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. And I truly hate to post on the same subject matter twice! But I wanted to give some interesting trivia on the history of the Mayflower Hotel’s political/sex drama history. Especially with a clientel that includes Presidents, Kings, Queens, Movie Stars, etc…

1. J.Edgar Hoover lunched at the Mayflower almost everyday of his career at the FBI with is deputy, Clyde.

2. Monica Lewinsky was grilled by the Republicans (aka hard up Ken Starr) about her cum stained blue dress (Oh Bill, what are you doing with that cigar!)

3. Oops, Elliot Spitzer, Vice Squad Super Hero, fucks ups, literally!! Take your billions and run away quick. Prostitution is legal in some places :)

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