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Israel & Iran

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually use those 2 country’s names synonomously as countries that only wish to promote peace and cooperate with one another.   

After the G20 summitt in Pittsburg, PA, world leaders announced that Iran had an undisclosed nuclear enrichment facility being built near Qom, a facility that many believe is designed to make material for nuclear weapons  This is starting to sound like a broken record.  Does anyone remember the first Iranian disclosure of an ”undisclosed enrichment facility” in Natanza in 2002?  That was 7 years ago, I wonder how much “enrichment” they’ve been able to improve upon since 2002. 

Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders have consistently said military action is an option in dealing with what they believe is a serious nuclear threat from Iran.  Tehran insists its nuclear program is for civilian purposes and denies it’s building nuclear weapons.  Even Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has recently denied they are intending to develop nuclear weapons. 

Is Iran lying and can sanctions change their nuclear proliferation course?  And does Israel have the right to defend itself, even premptively?  And what if Iran is really just testing the world to determine whether any one country can manipulate what another country can do? 

Ironically, this month marks the 47th anniversary of the Cold War Cuban Missle Crisis.  And based on current events, we’ve come a long way… NOT!   Fortunately to mark our memorable succes in deterring nuclear proliferation, this month the US, Russia,  Great Britian, France, China and Germany are to attend international talks with Iran. 

WOW, I’m a little blown away right now.. no pun intended. 


Tsunami in South Pacific


According to reports, a Tsunami wipped out several villages throughout the South Pacific.  Unfortunately at this time, the death toll is unknown.  It started with a massive 8.0 magnitude earthquake that struck 120 miles off Samoa around 7am Tuesday morning.   Warnings have been issued for the West Coast of America as a precaution, though no danger is expected.  

As a comparison, the earthquake that literally shoke the world on December 26, 2004, was a magnitude 9.2 earthquake, which was the 2nd largest quake ever recorded by  a seismograh and lastest the longest duration of almost 10 minutes.  The entire planet vibrated, literally!

Let’s just all pray this is in no way a similar situation as the one the world dealt with in 2004.

Post Debate


 I will only make a few comments, mainly because I’m still undecided and don’t want to seem as if I’m pulling for one candidate over the other.  One candidate seemed to studder because he didn’t know what he was talking about, the other studdered because he has problems speaking.  I’ll leave it at that.

Dog’s Birthday


So we celebrated our dog’s birthdays tonight.  Ok, we don’t have kids, but it was really fun.  Actually made them a dog safe cake out of peanut butter, honey, etc… and served them up some hamburger with rice for dinner.  They loved it!!  Of course, neither have moved in an hour and they both smell like they’ve been farting for hours, but…  I really think they’ll now always respond to “Party Like It’s Your Birthday”.  �

Election 2008

The debates have taken place tonight, Friday September 26, 2008.  I’m doing this post at midnight, so technically, I haven’t watched them, but tivo’d them to watch in the next 30 minutes or so.  But just wanted to comment prior to watching.   My whole thought process and basis for who I will vote for has always been based on these collective debates.  You really can’t determine one person against another based on over politicized advertising, but rather, one-on-one debates that show someone at their most honest aspect.   So the debates begin….  Just one thought though… I actually respected J.Mcains thoughts on postponing debates until our current financial situation was better stapilized.  But unfortunately his handles bumbled and it became another political situation.  You got to love politics!!  �

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapses into Artic

Hard not to feel a little uncertain when there are real signs within the natural world showing global climate change. The Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antartica has collapsed. Antartica is an area roughly 5.1 million sq miles (ice and land included). So we’re talking about the collapse of an ice shelf about 5,000 sq miles. To give you an idea of how that would affect us here in the USA, listed are states with similar land masses and latest populations:

HI 6,423 sq miles with est pop of 1.3 million
CT 4,845 sq miles with est pop of 3.5 million
DE 1,955 sq miles with est pop of 864K
RI 1,045 sq miles with est pop of 1 million

So we’re talking about the displacement of an estimated 1 millions people if the Wilkins Ice Shelf was inhabitated with humans. That’s Katrina in another area of the world. We don’t know the exact cause (possibly changes in water temps in the Artic Ocean due to the development of undersea ecosystem). But something is happening and we need to understand what. Plus, could you imagine if Kevin Costner actually predicted the future!!

Wilkins Ice Shelf

Best Little Whorehouse in DC – the Mayflower


I know I’ve already posted on the Elliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. And I truly hate to post on the same subject matter twice! But I wanted to give some interesting trivia on the history of the Mayflower Hotel’s political/sex drama history. Especially with a clientel that includes Presidents, Kings, Queens, Movie Stars, etc…

1. J.Edgar Hoover lunched at the Mayflower almost everyday of his career at the FBI with is deputy, Clyde.

2. Monica Lewinsky was grilled by the Republicans (aka hard up Ken Starr) about her cum stained blue dress (Oh Bill, what are you doing with that cigar!)

3. Oops, Elliot Spitzer, Vice Squad Super Hero, fucks ups, literally!! Take your billions and run away quick. Prostitution is legal in some places :)

Political Races


Wow, those are some serious crazy eyes!

Well, Obama won Mississippi. Current delegate count, Obama 1608 v Hillary 1478, 2025 total to win.

Rock n Roll


Madonna & John Mellencamp were inducted into the 2008 Hall of Fame. Congrats to all the inductees!

What, you lookin’ at me?

If He Cheats On Me

I’ve always threatened my husband that if he cheats on me I’ll kill him.  Now I’m starting to formulate a different plan.  Something that would be more painful than death.  I would destroy him from the inside out.  He laughs it off and thinks I’m kidding but I’m not in the least.  I don’t want to get into specifics but I’ve watched enough TV shows and movies that I could do a lot of damage.  I write this as a warning not just to my own husband but to all husbands….don’t fuck with your wife.  The W in wife equals two V’s, V for vindictive and V for vengeful…VVife.